The Adult Resort Hotel’s Steamy Passion Suite’s Origin – Enthusiasm or Desire, or Both?

A number of tropical resorts are showcasing “Passion Suites” for the coming year – a type of accommodation that takes the standard Honeymoon Suite to a higher level – is this a sign of the times or a brand new trend for hotels and resorts? What was previously the purview belonging to the Honeymoon Suite is expanding to couples of every sorts. For many hotels and resorts this is an answer to declining worldwide holidays as a means to set locations apart and encourage bookings. But, in this attraction to vacationers, the Passion Suite is also an implicit acknowledgment of societal trends that acknowledge the virility of a maturing populace.

In keeping with the Durex Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey, there doesn’t appear to be a difference between passionate activities if a couple has or has not been recently married, and actually the passion continues well beyond the age of 65. According to Luis, Assistant Manager of The Copacabana Hotel & Resort in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica that recently completed renovations for its new “Passion Suite”:

“It could not just be Costa Rica but the passion experienced by our guests is just not restricted to those lately married. Countless couples that have been together two, ten and twenty-five years, have come to the Copacabana Hotel to put a match to and re-ignite their passion and enthusiasm for each other. Our brand new Passion Suite is a devotion as well as a recognition of this enthusiasm and while similar to our Nuptial Suite, is superior, more magnificent and much more upscale to echo the more mature personality of our non-newly married clientele.”

These special suites frequently embrace fashionable amenities along the lines of in-room Jacuzzi’s that aren’t a part of the bathroom, provisions of elemental oils and lotions, larger king sized beds, premium sound as well as video systems, and preferred access to resort services like spas, room service, and concierges.

The “Passion Suite” is not only a place to stay, but is designed to become an experience that is unforgettable and lasting to partners that are pampered and made to experience as if they are the most important people on earth as well as to each other. For that reason, the Passion Suite at the Copacabana Hotel and Resort is exclusive to the all-inclusive program and obtainable only by advance reservations. The extra advantage of the Copacabana Hotel’s Passion Suite is its tropical location in a resort that is beachfront to the best beaches throughout all of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast.

The Passion Suite is a romantic experience in a romantic setting, able to inflame a couple’s enthusiasm or desires, or both!